27 April 2010

Blair's back

John Rentoul reports:
Well, he's on his way, although it is not clear what role he will play in the election campaign's final week.
There are two things he needs to do:
  1. Have a word with Peter Mandelson
  2. Work a miracle


  1. The real question is why is he here and why now?

    1. Enjoy watching Gordon's agony
    2. Gloat ("Gordon, dont you wish you hadnt stabbed me in the back?")
    3. Show just how useless Gordon is in comparison, thereby finishing off Labour chances for most MPs and finally undoing his biggest crime, which was allowing Gordon to become PM in the first place.
    4. Remind people that the LibDems opposed Iraq, increasing the LibDem vote by at least 2%, but at least changing the subject away from the economy.
    5. Make sure that DM becomes leader instead of EB
    6. Failing that, offer his services for May 7
    7. Do the deal with Nick
    8. Sell lots of books

    My guess is that 8 is his ultimate motivation, but 1 and 2 are contenders.

    Am I the first to start the TB4PM speculation?

  2. NonnyMouse - he is here because Brown needs him more than ever. Through it all, they are both very dependent on each other. Blair would not have succeeded without Brown. It is now time for for him to repay the that debt.