27 April 2010

The quote of the day from Philip Hammond

The Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury on the Daily Politics:
I don't think any party has identified in detail how they will reduce public spending over the course of the coming parliament.
At last, three weeks into the campaign, a bit of honesty from a politician.

With the publication of the latest Institute of Fiscal Studies report, we can now have a debate about the bitter pills to come.


  1. wonderfulforhisageApril 27, 2010 at 3:23 PM

    "we can now have a debate about the bitter pills to come."

    What and risk frightening the horses? I think not.

  2. So did I once, but the mood has changed. The voters want honesty.

  3. The public doesn't want to confront this issue. It is putting its fingers into its ears and shouting 'LA-LA-LA-LA'. Vat will go up to 20% and exemptions on children's clothing etc will be abolished. Co-payments will be introduced to the NHS (fees for GP visits; fines for missing appointments); Child benefit will be means-tested; free tv licenses/ bus travel for pensioners will be abolished etc etc.

  4. The voters may say they want honesty but I'm not convinced that if they got it they would reward the party who gave it.

    The first party to put their heads up out of the trench would get shot to pieces by the other side.

    Clegg seems to get away with saying he's detailed the cuts (when he hasnt) while at the same time offering the biggest tax cuts (which couldnt be paid for if he was elected). The other parties are too scared to challenge him because then they would have to answer questions about their own cuts.