27 April 2010

Alan Johnson "can talk human"

Jackie Ashley is right:
Inevitably, with the TV leaders' debates, this election campaign has been more presidential than ever before. And inevitably, given Brown's admitted lack of presentational skills, he was going to lose. So why have we not seen more of the Labour people who can talk human – like Alan Johnson, Harriet Harman, Tessa Jowell, Douglas Alexander and Ed Miliband?

So far it's been just the Gordon Brown and Lord Mandelson show, with Mandelson doing his best at this morning's press conference to prevent Yvette Cooper from getting a word in. Daft, because Cooper is an excellent communicator. Other key Labour figures complain that they havebeen relegated to local radio studios throughout the campaign, or far-flung constituency visits.
It's time that Peter Mandelson stopped dominating Labour's campaign.


  1. Thats not fair, Ed Balls seems to be getting plenty of air time. Hmm, wonder why?

    I can see that more AJ time would be good, but does anybody seriously think that more HH would do anything but scare the electorate?

  2. The reason they dont send out the others is because anything they say is seen to be positioning for the coming leadership election. EB is see as safe because he wants Brown to stay in office until the dust settles.

    On the subject of playing the team, I'm surprised that nobody is attacking the LibDems for not having one. They really are the Nick and Vince show. I see more of Paddy or Ming than the rest of the LibDem front bench. I'm guessing this is because Nick and Vince dont really represent the true center of gravity of the LibDems, and because their front bench is lacking in talent because of the limited pool that they can draw from.

  3. "Jackie Ashley is right" Hmmm, Jackie Ashley. I have never trusted her judgement since the farce over her cheerleading for Brown when Blair was PM, followed by a swift conversion to the 'Brown must go' camp as soon as he turned out to be the disaster the blairites always said he would be...