08 March 2010

Saying it with blinkers on

Without much news for the great and the good to get their teeth into down at the Westminster village, James Kirkup turns his attention to all matters Miliband:

I’m not sure what the opposite of star quality is, but David Miliband didn’t show much of it at the Iraq Inquiry today.

Mr Miliband’s evidence was spectacularly low-key: as the TV shots will show, there was only one lonely member of the public sat in the gallery behind him to listen.

People should be lining up to hear what he has to say about some of the biggest questions in international affairs today. But they’re not. I don’t know if that says more about the general public or about David Miliband. Either way, I don’t think it bodes well for any future Miliband leadership of the Labour Party.

As a further reminder, the sole purpose of Brown's evidence on Friday and Miliband’s today was to close Iraq down ahead of the election.

Miliband did a splendid job, and even sent the “lonely member of the public” to sleep.

As for his leadership ambitions, there was little point making a pitch to Chilcot.  He doesn't have a vote.

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