31 March 2010

Poll shock

Following George Osborne’s non-game-changing moment, the Tories drop to 38% in the latest poll.

But there is another startling revelation:

Whom do you rate as the better Prime Minister, Tony Blair or Gordon Brown?

Tony Blair (Prime Minister 1997-2007) - 50 per cent

Gordon Brown (Prime Minister since 2007) - 16 per cent

Don't know - 33 per cent

Presumably the “don’t knows” have forgotten how good he is.

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1 comment:

  1. You forgot to mention that Labour dropped 1 percent too, so the lead remains at 7 percent, which is 3 percent more than before the budget.

    Surely it is the Reds who need a game changing move more than the Blues. The budget really was their last best chance and they blew it.