14 March 2010

The quote of the day from Gordon Brown

There is real treat in store.  Brown will be having a chat with group of undecided voters on the Politics Show.  He talks about the deficit and the budget:

It’s the chancellor who will make the decision not Liam Byrne or me… I’m not going to bind the chancellor before his budget.

We can safely roll our eyes over at that statement.

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  1. He came under quite a bit of flak, albeit well natured and sincere.

    What's clear is the distrust and the disconnect between the public and Brown.

    These people were sitting there with him and they just flatly refused to back him.

  2. Yes, I thought that as well.

    The problem with this type of programme is it is about local issues, which you can't expect any PM to be across.

    Brown also has a annoying habit of attempting to want to start before the questions are finished. That does not come over well.

  3. Why wasn't this advertised?? It was Brown's first debate with real people...........either way he is toast come the live debates.

  4. A good point. I only picked it by looking at the Politics Show web site. I agree, Brown will have to improve for the TV debates. See later post.