31 March 2010

Dissolution fever: Exclusively wrong

James Macintyre has the “exclusive” news that Brown will call the election on 6 April.  Does this mean he is the first person to inform HMQ that Brown will visit next Tuesday? 


Confirmation that the announcement will come two days after Easter contradicts speculation that rail strikes planned for that day -- which Government insiders now expect to be delayed -- would cause a delay in the announcement, possibly until as late as the week after next.


Fact check:

The latest date the dissolution can take place, if the election is to be held on 6 May, is 12 April.

Besides, Brown will be overseas on both 12 and 13 April.

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  1. Lordy... I hope he stays there

  2. Technically there is nothing that says that Brown has to meet the Queen face to face (no written constitution), so he could just call her on the phone (if he has any left) or e-mail her.