14 March 2010

Missing Alan Johnson

On a Sunday the political world usually packs up at lunchtime.  On Mother's Day it’s all rather different.  This afternoon we had Brown’s little chat and later in the evening Mr & Mrs Cameron get an hour of free publicity, when we will have the added bonus of a live blog for a recorded programme.

Back to Brown.  He just doesn't do the empathy stuff.  He needs to relax more, smile and crack a few jokes.  There was no real engagement with the handpicked voters.  Also, Brown has this annoying habit of starting rattle to off his bulk standard defensive answers before the questions have finished.

The voters may want a tough guy, but they also want someone who can communicate.

So, there is much work for Brown to do in preparation for the TV debates.

How different it would have been if Alan Johnson had been sitting in Brown’s chair.  With the Tories making a mess of things, we would be talking not of a hung parliament but a Labour landslide.

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1 comment:

  1. I'd love to ask someone from Labour... maybe Johnston, who is actually a union man... how much exactloy it is that Unite gives them.... and what they think about the BA strike. I'd particularly like to ask Harry Harperson and her shoo-in husband....