12 March 2010

Exposed: How the Tories will fight the election

As the polls narrow, the Tory party, which has had four years to get its act together, finally reveal how they will take on the might of Labour’s election machine:

Over coming weeks there will be a concerted campaign to ensure there is no doubt, in the minds of journalists as well as voters, that the Conservatives are the party of deficit reduction while Labour are the party that got us into this mess. Cameron will be presented as the straight-talker to the nation. Brown as the leader who borrowed too much, who has wasted taxpayers' money and who failed to regulate the banks.

The party is also ready to move on to the offensive on Labour's dependence on the union movement. Labour will be presented as in the pockets of public sector union interests.

Coulson and Hilton report directly to George Osborne who is now in full charge of the campaign. Ken Clarke will fill the gap by being more of the public face for Conservative economic policy.

How kind of Tim Montgomerie.  Mandelson & Co. will be most grateful for this information.

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