23 March 2010

Why Cameron can’t ‘seal the deal’

At his press conference, Cameron overreached himself:

All of the things that Labour are saying are complete and utter lies.

They are appalling people, the sooner they are out of the government of this country the better.

Not the language a Prime Minister-in-waiting should be using, especially one that still needs to attract floating voters.

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  1. Cameron is BIG Girls Blouse

  2. Quite correct Events. It sounds more like the sort of remark you'd make in a dinner party, to friends, not to a press pack or to a country who you are attempting to prove yourself to.

  3. Hmm I disagree and it is what he should have been doing for ages - Brown is an out and out liar and the clearer this can be made to the electorate the better.

  4. You're right: he didn't use the word "cunts" once.

    The useless cock-sniffer.