14 March 2010

Sam Cam: “I'm not really interested” plus…

David Cameron mentions to Sir Trevor McDonald about the time he had to disrupt a family holiday to meet Obama.  On his return, he attempts to tell Samantha all about it:

I said it’s amazing I’ve met Barack Obama, great man. She said, you know I’m not really interested — that one needs his nappy changed, that one needs to get dressed, now will you get on with it? I’ve driven the whole way down to Devon and you’ve been swanning around with this guy, so can you please do your bit?

Robert Harris, the author, recalls meeting Mrs Cameron:

She is sparky and fun but she speaks her mind, which could make her a loose cannon. When I met her at a dinner recently she launched a great attack on non-doms. She may not be on message in the way they need her to be.

Not posh.  Just candid.

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1 comment:

  1. Agree,she's a loose cannon. She does not deserve to be a PM's wife.
    A PM need a good wife behind him.
    She recently moved house and her neighbor said to her 'your next moved will be into no.10.
    She replied " I f****** hope not "