26 March 2010

What Geoff Hoon should have said

Heaven help those who dig holes for themselves, and for some unexplained reason, keep going.

Geoff Hoon, one of the three former Cabinet ministers under investigation over allegations of lobbying, has just been interviewed on Today.

He needs learn to use a simple phrase:


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  1. It was a car-crash. Even Jim Naughtie was less than sympathetic.

    Hoon must be in desperate circumstances if he has to try and rehabilitate himself. He's unemployable....especially since he lost the NATO job.

    He's lying as well. Senior people in the private sector (to a lesser degree in the public sector) do not enjoy a free hand in jobhunting and exploiting their knowledge and contacts...that sort of stuff ends up in the courts.

    Most senior grade staff have explicit clauses in their contracts relating to leaving employment and periods of gardening leave, no-poaching clauses, commercial confidentiality, client relationships etc. In my sector, I knew of a company which sent off threatening letters routinely to even middle-grade staff "jumping ship".

  2. Two minutes of it was more than enough for me. The points you raise are valid but lost on MPs.