18 March 2010

“Gordon is going to need an hour to bring people over”

imageWith Tony it was ‘sofa government’, but with Gordon it will be a sofa campaign:

Coming to a home near you, the prime minister intends to get up front and personal during the campaign, holding intimate meetings in the living rooms of pillars of the community, in the hope that his message will then ripple out and through the constituency.

The sitting room sessions might not be glamorous, but they are quite "Gordon" – and will help him to come across as a normal human being, is the thought of Labour strategists.

"We think it is a format that will work for Gordon," said a Labour insider. "We have to try something different in the face of public attitude to all politicians. Sometimes Gordon is going to need an hour to bring people over in a way in which he cannot in five minutes."

Perhaps the BA strikes are all part of a cunning plan to ensure we are not on holiday when he calls.

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  1. It'll be a Potemkin Campaign, just like Glenrothes (which I saw first hand).

    The Browns will breeze in with their entourage (security keeping non-party photographers at a distance), activists with clipboards will spread out to pre-identified addresses, they will stand by to door-knock just as the Clunking Fist leaves one home and approaches the next. A party photographer will photograph every handshake, there will be staged filming of the procession, and of a carefully screened sofa-shoot of the type you mentioned. Fifteen minutes later, the circus will pack up and leave.

    All this will be handed out to the media afterwards. They lapped it up in Glenrothes, but that was the Scottish media after all.

  2. I can't bear to listen to Brown at all, I can't believe the depth of loathing I feel for the man. Same with Ed Balls, he makes my flesh creep. I don't think there is anyone with any real stature left, Gordon made sure of that.

  3. "will help him to come across as a normal human being"

    One problem, he isnt a normal human being. Everybody knows GB cant answer a direct question with a direct answer.

    How long will it take the right wing press to rip this strategy to shreds? All they have to do is find the so called pillars of the community and get some juicy quotes from them.