29 March 2010

Osborne’s Monday blues: “Efficiency savings”

While we wait for ‘the clever people’ to driving a coach and horses through to give there considered judgement on Osborne’s “efficiency savings”, down at The Voters’ Arms the punters don't understand what the Tory party are going on about.

Osborne was asked at the press conference this morning if the Tories were worried about Blair returning to the hustings tomorrow.

Perhaps Osborne should be been asked to give his opinion on the likelihood of Peter Mandelson becoming Foreign Secretary after the election.

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  1. I don't know what any of them are all about.

    Up till now most of them seem to have been about stealing our money to make their houses nicer, employing their kids, spouses and mistresses, travelling first class like they were something special, getting Lordships, if they could, so that they could stay on the gravy train.

    Long ago I lost any kind of notion that any of them were cleverer than I am, and had any kind of solution to any problem.

    Even when you write to them about a problem and they pass it to a minister, some flunky writes back stating the government line on the subject...

    They are a total waste of money...all of them.

  2. Howard, I think you may be drinking to much at the Voters' Arms and not recognising what is going on in the real world.

    1) The people at the Voters' Arms understand that their wages have not been keeping up with inflation under Labour. The message that you will pay less tax under a Conservative government will go down very well - the Voter's Arms patrons understand the need for beer money in their pockets.

    2) The Conservatives are cutting a Labour tax on jobs. It gives the Conservatives a counter to the Labour lies that they can cut the defecit without causing more unemployment.

    3) Blair coming back will just remind the patrons of The Voters’ Arms how bad things have gotten under Brown since Blair left. It will also bring up memories of an unpopular war, cash for influence scandals at the top and allow the Tories to counter the 'party of the rich' mantra - all they need to do is remind Joe Public how much Tony is raking in as a 'cab for hire'.

  3. Anonymous,

    Go away and take some deep breaths and read the IFS report. Osborne's wheeze has fallen apart this morning.

    Then come back, identify yourself and I may debate with you so long as you don't start accusing me of things that aren't true!