29 March 2010

And so ends the career of Vince Cable

Vince’s retirement message in full:

Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, has been forced into an embarrassing apology after exaggerating his own economic importance.

Mr Cable earlier this month claimed to have been consulted by the Treasury about his party’s policies and suggested the talks were a prelude to his becoming Chancellor in the event of a hung parliament.

It later emerged that the meeting with Sir Nicholas McPherson, the permanent secretary at the Treasury, had been a “courtesy call” requested by Mr Cable himself.

We all wish Vince every success for the future.

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  1. Oh please, as if anyone really cares.

  2. This is great news. I was just about to comment on your barrel-scraping post about Jackie Ashley's column below - you really do seem desperate sometimes to undermine 'Dave' - when I saw this. It's great to see that sometimes you do actually pick up on items which reflect badly on other parties instead.

    Now, if you could just post something negative about Peter Mandelson, I really would start to believe there is hope.