30 March 2010

We still need that game-changing moment

Three more polls show a slow drift back to the Tories.  It will be enough to boost Team Cameron’s morale in the final few days before Brown goes to the Palace, but, in reality, the Tories should be further ahead and they know it.

According to ComRes, neither party is impressing the punters:

Fifty per cent of people regard it as "unthinkable" to elect Mr Brown for another five years, while 44 per cent disagree with this statement. Almost one in four Labour supporters believe electing Mr Brown for another term would be "unthinkable". However, 51 per cent say they personally feel no enthusiasm for the Conservative Party, with 42 per cent disagreeing. Remarkably, a quarter (24 per cent) of those people who intend to vote Tory say they have no enthusiasm for the party.

It’s as if time has stood still.  The old chestnuts of the Labour leadership and the failure of the Tories to get its muddled message across are the two issues that keep rebounding again and again.

Steve Richards calls the Tory leadership “unprincipled amateurs” following their “rushed announcement on a cut in National Insurance” and concludes:

A more nimble-footed governing party could take this confused, inexperienced Conservative leadership to the cleaners.

But, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it’s going to happen.  Mandelson & Co have just been kicking the ball around within the centre circle in this pre-election period.  There is no need for the “underdog” to peak early.  Why should Labour make the running while the Tories keep exposing themselves with their muddled thinking?

Soon the phoney war will end and the deadly game of winning the election will begin.  What the campaign will need is a game-changing moment that will inspire and engage the voters.  The party that can provide this will win the election, no matter what the polls say at the present time.

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