15 March 2010

Selling Dave

imageSir Trevor McDonald is no Michael Cockerell.  The programme itself was glossy, manufactured and very superficial.  We all know Cameron can communicate, do empathy, smile, wave, crack a few jokes and be self-deprecating.  All the things Blair did so well but Brown can’t.  To take the mask off Samantha was a risk.  The problem is once it’s done the crowd will ask for more.

Now comes the hard tasks of proving to the country that the Tory party has changed; that Cameron has the right policies and he can be the tough guy.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter what us political obsessives think.  It’s how the programme goes down in  The Voters’ Arms that counts and whether the polls respond in a positive way.

Yesterday, the dice were thrown.  Cameron’s profile against Brown’s chat with a few undecided voters.

The presidential beauty contest has begun.

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