26 March 2010

The strikes: ‘Beer and sandwiches’ by telephone will not do the trick

The Guardian has the details of exactly what went on last Friday evening as Brown attempted in vain to get the BA strike called off.  The problem.  It was all done over the telephone.

The penny will have to drop very soon that the only way to negotiate is by sitting round the table with one party at a time, and then with both.

Although there has been little movement in the polls to date, that will soon change if the rail strike takes place:

One cabinet member was told by Brown that evening that if the strike went ahead, the election would be lost. The stakes were that high.

Former cabinet members in marginals insist the threat of a return to union militancy is playing terribly. The polls may be lagging behind a mood that could turn sour if there is an outbreak of transport strikes through the election.

Media sound bites will not solve the strikes.  As discussed, the Government will have to get involved with the rail strike.  Brown should be seen in his attempts to solve the BA strike.  It is a risk worth taking.

If Brown succeeds, it will be the perfect platform to launch the election campaign.

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