31 March 2010

Dave, a tip from Harold Wilson

Tim Montgomerie goes into overdrive on what the Tories should do if there is a hung parliament:

The Conservatives need to draw up a plan to deal with this. They need plans to understand all the constitutional implications of a hung parliament. They need a media strategy. They need a basis for talking to the Liberal Democrats, nationalists and Northern Ireland parties. It doesn't need many people diverted to the task but it needs to be done.

In February 1974 while Ted Heath was using his unique charm on Jeremy Thorpe, Wilson retired to his home in Oxford to play ball with his dog and said nothing.

The Tories strategy, if there is a hung parliament, should be the two words that Harold Wilson used time and time again:

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  1. I don't often agree with you, but in this case it's the right advice. Trouble is, you're offering it to the wrong person.

    Tim Montgomerie and all the other people wading in on this should just shut up.

    All that's needed is for the media to focus on 'unelected Gordon will just carry on even if he loses the election'. That's where Dave needs the focus to be. Anything else is a distraction.

  2. Don't know about anyone else but I am sick to death of the sight of all politicians. It has got the the stage I turn over or mute as soon as they come on with very few exceptions. I am a total political junkie who would sit up all night to watch any elction here or in the US,have been since I studied Politics and Economics at University in the 1980s. This endless campaign, in Labour's case, at the taxpayers expense has totally turned me off. If Brown doesn't call the election as expected I doubt if anyone will vote. If they have managed to turn me off politics I dread to think what less interested people are thinking.