26 March 2010

Dissolution fever

Ben Brogan speculates that the dissolution may not happen on 6 April but on 7 April to allow PMQs to take place.  Technically this is correct.

However, when Brown goes to the Palace he seeks a dissolution.  Parliament is not actually dissolved for a few days to allow for the “wash-up”.  So, Brown could in fact see HMQ on 6 April and there would still be PMQs on 7 April.

Whatever.  The important point to note is the latest date for the dissolution that allows for 6 May election is 12 April.  However, it’s likely to be earlier than this to allow Brown to have his picture taken with Obama.

But, then again, Brown could surprise us all.  He due to speak at the Scottish Labour party spring conference on Saturday.  And, as it so happens, he has already had a chat with HMQ this week.

Just a thought.

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