16 March 2010

A unique election

From Tim Montgomerie:

This election is a choice between a party leader who is honest about the tough economic choices facing Britain and one who is fundamentally dishonest.

Question: Which future Prime Minister failed to tell the electorate that VAT would almost double; that there would mass unemployment; that the industrial heartlands in the north and Scotland would be destroyed; and that there would social unrest?

Tim is only 39. He is too young to remember.

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  1. So what would have Labour done if they got in back in 79??? Let the unions destory this country???..........

  2. Anonymous

    Thatch did a very good job of that herself thank you very much. That's why we have very little manufacturing.


  3. & the New Labour project finished it off.

  4. Anonymous

    ... Of course they did. By following Thatcherite policies.

  5. Then what ever happened to "Things Could Only Get Better" ???

    Ah 1997 what a laughable delusion............