08 March 2010

Election date correction

It is highly amusing when professional journalists, who should know better, get their facts wrong.  Kevin Maguire, Associate Editor at the Daily Mirror and close to No 10, has this to say on his blog:

Unless Gordon Brown pops to the Palace today(which I'm told he won't) the last chance vanishes for a quick 17-day sprint to a 25 March election.

Try harder, Kevin.  The last date that would allow for an election on 25 March was last Monday, 1 March.

He goes on:

Since it would be foolish to risk the ridicule of 1 April and 8 April is immediately after Easter, when voters have things other than politics on their minds, I think it safe to assume the election's 6 May.

Today is the last possible date for the dissolution, if the election was to be called for 1 April.  For an election to be held on 8 April, the last day for the dissolution is 11 March.

To round off Kevin’s education, if the election is held on 6 May, then the dissolution has to take place no later than 12 April, but is will no doubt happen before that date to allow for the TV debates to take place.

That is enough free information for now.

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