08 March 2010

The tweet of the day from Paul Waugh

An observation from the Iraq inquiry’s final session before the election :


It would seem that Brown’s little chat on Friday was more successful than even he could have hoped for.

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  1. It did start rather early! I watched David Miliband - I rather like him. In addition, his view of relationships in the region are important. Unlike previous witnesses, he is always refreshingly honest and of course endeavours to answer questions put to him. What a wonderful PM he would make. Oh well - I live in hope. He is the only person in the Cabinet that I want as PM.

  2. I know it started early but that was not my point.

    You are right about Miliband.

  3. Sorry - I made the comment about the early start. I made the assumption that people may not wish to battle with commuter traffic to arrive in time for the testimony? I did note the one person fall asleep. I tried to convey that I would not have done so as I found the testimony interesting.

    I do not understand the "little chat" but assume it relates to the boring event when GB gave evidence?

  4. Press on the link and it becomes clear.