05 March 2010

Brown at Chilcot: Mission accomplished

The Prime Minister was well prepared, did what he had to do and left.  His performance will not have pleased some, but from a political point of view it was a success.  The critical point is that he was at one with Blair and said nothing to contradict his evidence.

There was little for the media and Paul Waugh’s tweet will be exactly what Brown will have wanted:

Hacks losing the will to live here as PM drones on.

The Inquiry was never going to wrong foot Brown on the funding of the armed forces.  Finance is his pet subject.  He came with all the figures and rattled them off as only he can.

As previously mentioned, Brown mission today was to close the Iraq issue down ahead of the election, which he has achieved.  More to the point his day in front of Chilcot will not have not damaged him, neither has it enhanced his reputation.

Nine weeks out from polling day, it was a job well done.

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  1. Brown should have looked to his history...