06 March 2010

Sir John Major’s memory

Sir John Major, one of four* men that should never have become Prime Minster, also needs a lesson in recent history.

This is what he had to say today following Brown’s trip to visit the troops in Afghanistan:

Of course, Ministers should visit our troops.  But to use them as a cynically-timed pre-election backdrop is profoundly unbecoming conduct for a Prime Minister.

Sir John needs reminding that his former boss, rather than the Queen, took the salute at the Victory Parade after the Falklands War.  Then she kicked off the long march to the 1983 election by visiting the troops in those far away islands.

Back to basics, Sir John.

* The other three being Anthony Eden, Sir Alec Douglas-Home and Gordon Brown.

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  1. Another pointless post, Howard. You are making a habit of pretending to be a cross between a commentator, a journalist and a blogger.

    I thought you were supposed to be a right of centre blogger - you've won a prize for it dammit! I think you should either stick with your principles and support the Conservatives and/or attack Labour. You must agree that after 13 years we know that Labour has failed and needs to be removed. Your wishy-washy nonsense suggests that you have no convictions.

  2. I'm as confused as you Ted, Howard spent months telling us how bad Brown is and now seems to want him back for another 5 years.

    The thing you need to realize is that Howard is a Labour man, and Labour men dont have principles or convictions, they gave them up when they chose TB as a leader to get back into power.

  3. To be fair to John Major, he left the country in a pretty good state. Brown has destroyed it. Putting them in the same category is just wrong.

    I think the problem in 97 was the Tory party, not John Major. No other leader could have saved them, they lost the will to rule.

    Question: should Ted Heath be on the list?

  4. Ted - You obviously paid no attention to the reply I left against your comment the other day. I don't need lectures from you on what I should be posting on my blog. To attack my convictions is just plain nonsense. How do you know what they are?

    I am an observer of the political scene and use MY BLOG to post what I want. If you have an alternate view then use your blog to express them, but stop telling me what I should be posting about.

    Anonymous 1 - You are right, I am no lover of Brown and posted the other day that Labour would be better off under another leader. The problem at present is that the Tories are making a mess of things and the polls are reflecting this.

    Anonymous 2 - Yes, the economy was in a good shape in 1997, but that doesn't lead to the conclusion that Major was a good PM.

    No, Heath should not be on the list, because he took the UK into the EEC. Whether you agree with the decision is not the point. He left a legacy.