03 March 2010

Why has Brown pulled out of PMQs?

James Gordon Brown is a puzzle at times.  He can make the most illogical decisions.  On Monday, it was suddenly announced that he would miss PMQs due the state visit Jacob Zuma.

These visits do not suddenly happen.  They take months of preparation and Downing Street would have known all about it for sometime.  It would have been in Our Dear Leader’s diary.

There are only a few PMQs left before the election is called.  Today, Brown has more than enough ammunition to aim at Cameron and has recently been rather good at these little shouting matches.

The session could have been moved to a later time, as it was the other month due to a ceremony to mark the end of the Second World War.  Brown even managed to take PMQs on the day he entertained Obama ahead of the G20. 

Indeed, when the Prime Minister is in the country, it’s almost unprecedented for he or she not to take PMQs.

PMQs require rather a lot of homework.  Brown doesn't simply pick up his papers from the floor and walk into the Commons.  Later this week he spends the day entertaining us in front of Chilcot & Co, an event that requires days of preparation.  With all his other commitments, could it be that he just run out of time to do both?

If this is the reason why he has pulled out of PMQs, wouldn't it better just to say that?  It is doubtful there would be much of a fuss.  Indeed, he would probably be respected for doing so.  What is the problem with a bit of honesty about his workload.

The explanation given just doesn't add up.

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  1. He's visiting the Queen, two birds one stone?

  2. The last time he ducked out of PMQs his explanation didn't add up either.

    He insisted he couldn't return from Northern Ireland until the crisis talks were resolved, and then left NI shortly after PMQs had finished despite the crisis talks not having come to a resolution.

    Is the deceit so pathetic that the media cannot be even bothered making an issue of it?

  3. I think the reason he dropped out became very clear as soon as Harman stood up and laid into Hague over Ashcroft.

    Labour want to pin the Ashcroft on Hague and keep the story going that he knew all along that Ashcroft was a Non-dom. Far easier to expose Hague than Cameron and far easier Harman does it than Brown.

    Clever stuff... only it was Harman who was charged with the execution which she didn't quite manage as well as they might have hoped!