09 March 2010

A clone of Shirley Williams

Adam Boulton is enjoying himself.  He describes John Kampfner, who has defected from Labour to the LibDems, as a “high profile turncoat” and a “public intellectual”.

Perhaps Kampfner could best be described as a male version of Shirley Williams, who also left the Labour party in its hour of need.

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  1. Booo Hisss. Shirley Williams, Bill Rodgers, David Owen and Roy Jenkins left Labour because it was governed, by design, not by elected parliamentarians, but instead by labour unions. These people would have died politically and quietly, without notice; however, they did not go quietly -- instead declaring a new party that changed modern politics forever. Even Tony Blair said so.

  2. Mr Kampfner would be so lucky to have a career and life like Lady Williams. Indeed, so would Britain. We need more like Shirley!