05 March 2010

Chilcot: A vital day for Brown and Blair

Let us sweep away the reason why Brown is appearing in front of Chilcot today and if he should have avoided doing so by calling the election.  We are where we are.

The inevitable articles appear about the lack of funding to the armed forces that Brown was allegedly responsible for.  This is an important, but there is a fundamental matter that needs to be addressed.

Gordon Brown was a senior member of the Cabinet at the time of the Iraq conflict, although he was invisible at the time.  He is on record saying that he backed Blair's decision.  He has not deviated from that view to date.

It is vital that what Brown says doesn't conflict with the evidence that Blair has already given.  There must be none of Brown’s tactical tricks, no dividing lines between him and the former Prime Minister.  He has to approach today with a straight bat and back to the hilt everything Blair has said.

If there are any differences with Blair's evidence it will cause a media firestorm, which will result in great damage to them both.

After all that has happened to their complex relationship, today Brown has be totally loyal to his former boss and demonstrate beyond doubt that he is at one with Tony Blair.

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