04 May 2009

Brown’s third way – Call for a leadership election

A pity that John Rentoul has not picked up on the suggestion that could solve Brown’s little local difficulty.  It is this.  Brown should call for a leadership election.

Assume that Brown will not resign or be forced out after 8th June. Therefore, he has to do something to bring the never ending leadership speculation to an end.  Brown could consider using the ‘John Major solution’* to bring matters to a head.

The scenario rolls out by Brown standing up (or goes on YouTube) and announcing that he will submit himself for re-election (or election in his unique circumstances) if another contender comes forward within, say, 48 hours.

Alan Johnson would not stand under these circumstances.  Also, it would be doubtful whether any other candidate would receive the necessary backing or put themselves forward to challenge Brown .  He therefore silences the critics and kills stone dead any further leadership speculation this side of the election.

Perhaps Brown’s ‘newly formed’ strategy team should consider this.

*In 1995 Major called a leadership election to silence his critics and it worked.

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1 comment:

  1. wonderfulforhisageMay 4, 2009 at 10:08 AM

    I wouldn't trust T Blair not to pop up.