03 May 2009

John Rentoul changes his mind

Last week John Rentoul said Labour should leave the replacement of Brown to the last possible moment before the election.  He sighted ‘The Bob Hawke Scenario’ to make his point.  I gave my views as I disagree, but also because Rentoul and I had a debate on the same subject some weeks previously.

Having now spoken to Labour MPs and others, Rentoul changes his mind:

Since then I have spoken to Labour MPs and others who have prompted me to revise the timetable. Every week that the Labour Party puts off getting rid of Brown, said one activist, damages the party further. And when I suggested leaving the change until the last possible moment before a general election, an MP said that would be "cynical and horrible". I think they are right. If it can be done it should be done quickly.

And then:

I still think it is more likely that Brown will go towards the end of this year or early next year.

Then he wishes to see what the Labour rule books say.  John, you have already been there and suggested a solution.

Rentoul has been an astute observer of the Labour party over recent years, and was the first mainstream media commentator to pick up that Brown should be replaced and by whom.  Since the aftermath of the budget, I am surprised that is still having doubts about when Brown should be replaced.  All that has happened this week is that Brown has made matters worse for himself.

John, what is it to be?  Does Brown go in June or does Labour allow Brown to carry on until the new year?

One further matter you and other commentators may wish to consider.  If Brown does not stand down in June or if the Cabinet will not force him out, should he put himself up for a leadership election?

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  1. In connection with your last para, would this be history repeating itself as tragedy or farce? The latter I think