04 May 2009

Isn't it marvellous to watch again

I am in heaven reliving the 1979 General Election on the BBC Parliament channel with David Dimbleby presenting for the first time.  It is truly wonderful to see the class act of David Butler, Robert McKenzie and Robin Day once again.  How they are missed.

I did not see the early hours of the programme.  I was at the historic count with a certain lady in a blue dress.  In those days we listened to the radio when we could to catch the latest news.  A poor substitute for television.  Election nights should be seen as well as heard.

Apart form the obvious historic moments from the night, there is one interview that I remember more than any other.  It takes place on the Friday morning after Shirley Williams losses her seat of Hitchin (I think).  She is interviewed by Robin Day.  The two of them were old friends.   Day guides an emotionally drained Williams through the interview by first positioning her in front of the camera live on air.  I thought it a touching moment.

Looking back to 1979, it should be remembered that when Thatcher came to power she was less popular than Callaghan, and there had been doubts about her within the Tory party.  If the election had been held in late 1978 she may not have won.  Thatcher come to power because of a failed Labour government, not because she had set out in detail her vision and policies for the country.  Perhaps that should be remembered today when some say that Cameron has yet to seal the deal with the electorate. 

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