06 May 2009

Reshuffle fever

From the BBC’s Nick Robinson:

….there hasn't been a specific briefing about it and even if there was one, they tend not to make much difference.

Move along until he gets one.  Any reshuffle now will come across as panic and will get labelled, ‘The Night of Long Knifes Part II’.  If one was going to happen this side of June, it should have taken place soon after the budget.

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1 comment:

  1. there have been briefings given to the red tops
    a few weeks ago the sunday people h ad definitve story that balls was home sec
    the sun today has news of a promotion for yvette cooper and demotions for smith and blears. interestingly, neither paper has this as speculation, it seems to be fact. some of the reshuffle has been leaked to the express aswell.
    in times were most tabloids are giving him hassle, he has decided to switch to the less quality publications.
    Smith will go in June, its an open secret already