05 May 2009

The strange goings on over the Royal Mail sell-off

In the space of less than 24 hours the part sell-off of the Royal Mail has gone through several hoops.  The Sunday Times reported that the vote in the Commons would be delayed.  This morning, the Guardian reports that a deal is being cooked up to turn the Royal Mail into a not-for-profit company in the hope of averting another Labour rebellion.  Within hours, this is quashed by Downing Street and subsequently on the Today programme by the minister responsible, Pat McFaddon.

The original plans, and let this not be forgotten, are Mandy's pet project and have a guaranteed passage though the Commons with Tory support.

Has Brown been rather too clever by half in attempting to seek a compromise with the ‘not-for-profit’ idea in an attempt to buy off Labour MPs, but not squaring matters with Mandy at the same time?

What other explanation could there be for this alternative option being overruled at such breakneck speed?

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1 comment:

  1. Not really sure that it's fair to say that this is Mandy's pet project. This has had Browns paw-prints on it going as far back as 2002, when Alan Leighton and Adam Crozier were appointed to senior positions in the Royal Mail, all for the princley sum of around £7 million per annum to the Brittish tax payer.

    Alan Leighton, of course is the person who couldn't run Leeds United, except into the ground. While Adam Crozier is the person who effectively ceeded power from the FA to the Premier League, and appointed Sven.