29 January 2010

Jacqui Smith: Blair was forced out

Not only Jim Murphy, but now Jacqui Smith, who is certain to lose her seat at the election.  She is speaking to ever-present Andrew Neil on BBC’s Straight Talk (not yet on-line):

Neil:  And can we be in any doubt now that Mr Blair was forced to leave earlier than he wanted to because Mr Brown and his people were pushing so hard?

Smith:  I think it’s likely that Tony left probably earlier than he might have done had there not been that pressure placed upon him.  I sometimes say about my time as Chief Whip that I never lost a vote but I did lose a Prime Minister.

Just weeks before the election is called, discipline is breaking down in that once great Labour election winning machine that Blair built.

Assuming Brown remains in post, there will be more of this as we move towards the election.  Labour knows it has lost.

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