25 January 2010

Rees-Mogg has a memory lapse

William Rees-Mogg is being economical with the truth.  Here is the opening paragraph from his Monday column in The Times:

I was one of the first English journalists to report the strength of Ronald Reagan in the presidential primaries of 1980; I was also one of the first to forecast that Barack Obama would defeat Hillary Clinton in the primaries and go on to win the presidency. In both cases, I based my judgment on the strength of the relationship between the candidate and the party rank and file; the close leadership relationship is the road to power.

What he failed to mention is that when he was editor of The Times he backed Nixon until the bitter end.

His judgement has never been good.  Rees-Mogg once penned a long leader saying that Shirley Williams should be Prime Minister.  She promptly joined the SDP.

No matter.  At present we can all read this selective journalism for free, but not for long thanks to Dear Rupert. Just who is going to pay to read this stuff on-line?

Next Monday from WRM: Ed Balls will be the next leader of the Labour party.

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