23 January 2010

Bercow, Waugh and Rentoul on Blair

Andy McSmith suggests that Tony Blair is “a bit short of allies” at the present time, so he has highlighted John Bercow’s recent comment:

I don't think that Tony Blair is a liar either. I don't believe he intended to misinform on weapons of mass destruction. He would not have any reason to.

Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against Iraqis and was a danger to the world. The Iraqis are better off without him.

Exactly and very well put.  We should all remember this when we watch and listen this Friday.

There are other Blair allies out there.  Paul Waugh is not one of them but John Rentoul most certainly is.

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  1. Blair allies? Well, online, so am I. Probably the only blogger writing in his defence - and now boasting(?) over three years online.

    Some of us just never learn, eh?