30 January 2010

Peter Hennessy on the Iraq Inquiry: Coffee and cigars is the way to do it

There is no need to waste time reading up on coverage on A Class Act, what a few other individuals have been saying or how Chilcot & Co have gone about their little task.

Peter Hennessy, who knows rather more than the rest of us on how these damp islands are governed, has two interviews out there.  His views are important.

He is interviewed on Politics UK before Blair gave his evidence, and then again on Today this morning.

On Politics UK, he says the “legal question was the fault line beneath the Blair government” and the “pivot of the entire story”.

On Today, he says that Blair was rather “shaky in an otherwise very competent performance” on the legal question.

What Hennessy should address (unfortunately he wasn't asked the question in either interview), is whether the Iraq Inquiry, made up of non-lawyers, is the platform where the legal matters should be addressed.

As discussed, Hennessey is going to have to write the definitive account on Iraq.  In his view, Iraq is “no end of a lesson”.

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