25 January 2010

David Cameron’s 100 days (or less) until the election

Cameron is a lucky man.  Thanks to Gordon Brown still being in post and Sir John Chilcot organising a media scum, Cameron’s little local difficulties are not getting the scrutiny they should be.

The Indy’s Andy McSmith has a neat summary and Jackie Ashley takes great delight in devoting her weekly column to the “holes” in Tory policy.  Ben Brogan is spot on with his analysis:

The Tories have had a sticky few weeks. Mr Clarke may assert his belief in collective responsibility, but today we are seeing what may be the start of that fraying under pressure that a party in the lead must guard against. David Cameron is in the final furlong and knows he must avoid mistakes. Do his colleagues understand that as well?

None of this is of a concern to Cameron's friends over at Conservative Home.  Tim Montgomerie’s big idea is for David Cameron to join Tweeter.  Is that really the priority for a Prime Minister-in-waiting?

Cameron has to get his Shadow Cabinet back in line and avoid mistakes.  His press conference this morning was a non-event.

Has the heir-to-Blair peaked too early?

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