29 January 2010

Watch and listen to A Touch of Class

When Blair delivered his final speech to the Labour party conference in 2006, George Osborne was so impressed he sent a text message along the lines, “Thank God he’s going.

There have been twelve Prime Minsters since the end of the war.  Only four have been outstanding, Atlee, Macmillan, Thatcher and Blair.

Whatever your views, Tony Blair rescued the Labour party from itself and three times delivered sizeable working majorities.

Today, he should be allowed a fair hearing.  Hopefully, he will be listened to without interruption and with the respect that should be shown to a former Prime Minister of this country.

Let us all watch and listen and not rush to judgement.  For whatever is said today, closure on Iraq may not come for some years, and certainly not before Chilcot’s report is published.

Today, Blair will show us all how to it.  He is A Class Act.

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1 comment:

  1. "He is A Class Act."

    So was Hitler. Brilliant orator and very successful in the polls. Started a war. Ring any bells?