28 January 2010

Helping Kevin Maguire

Kevin Maguire has taken to exercise his brain in this non-thought provoking piece:

It's proving a busy week in British politics. The economy's limped out of recession. Gordon Brown flew to Belfast to stop Northern Ireland returning to the bad old days. Wednesday was the Yemen summit. I'm typing this while watching a press conference on the Afghanistan talks in London. And the Chilcot inquiry rumbles on, more interesting than its critics predicted.

He goes on:

Could David Cameron handle all this if PM? No wonder the Tory leader's fled to Davos for a spot of R&R.

Silly really.  If Cameron was PM and if he had gone to NI, he wouldn't have left before an agreement had been reached.  There wouldn't have been a pre-election world summit in London.  As for Chilcot; Cameron wouldn't have held another Iraq inquiry so close to the election.

It’s sad that Maquire believes his post helps Labour and Brown.  It doesn't.

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  1. Very well said Howard. It's been a strange old week though right enough but what will change? Nothing of note.

  2. Glad we agree on something. I am off to bed. Busy day on Friday, but I can't think why. Is there something on the telly?