26 January 2010

Will the election be on 22 April?

This is the question that Ben Brogan asks.  It is unlikely because it just two weeks before the local elections that must be held on 6 May.  He goes on:

The Opposition has been told by the Palace authorities to stand by for a parliamentary announcement at Easter, whatever that means.

An announcement could be made at Easter, but not for an election on 22 April.  There has minimum of 21 days between calling the election and the actual vote, making 1 April the last possible date when Parliament would have to be dissolved, which is the day before Good Friday.  The dissolution could happen a few days earlier, but then there would be an unwelcome break for Easter.

Brown may very well have discussed possible dates with HMQ to avoid any clashes with her diary and she would have passed this on to her private secretary.  However, for this information to leak to Team Cameron at this stage is highly unlikely.

As discussed, Easter and the date of the local elections make an April election problematical.

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  1. It could be that Gordon Brown wishes not to wait as long as May 6th bearing in mind that the next set of GDP figures are likely to be worse according to the financial experts.

  2. Indeed so. Therefore he would go for 25 March, but if he does that there will not be Budget, as this can't take place until after 9 March.

    As discussed in an earlier post he has a huge dilemma on his hands.