24 January 2010

Alistair Darling is not excited

Tuesday is Gordon Brown’s big day.  Figures are expected to released that will show our damp islands are technically out of recession.  However, Alistair Darling (The Sunday Times misspells his name on-line) urges caution:

I’m saying now that I don’t know what the figures are, because I don’t get them until Monday, but I remain cautious. My message to people will be that we should be cautious.

Anyway, he is off to Baffin Island, a remote Canadian territory, in a couple of weeks where the average annual temperature is –8.5C:

I think we are all getting given some sort of special coat.  Not sure we will be able to go out at night because of the polar bears.

Our Chancellor will need rather more than a special coat to protect him from his neighbour if Tuesday’s figures do not bring the news that Gordon Brown desperately needs to hear.

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