24 January 2010

Will Alastair Campbell be plugging this book?

As he keeps plugging it, you can’t fail to notice that Alastair Campbell has a new book coming out.  It must have slipped his mind when he had his little chat with Chilcot and Co.

Alastair and a few others will be interested to know that there is another explosive book that will soon hit the bookstores.

One Andrew Rawnsley, not one for brevity, has written a 704 page book ‘The End of the Party’.  It is published on 1 March.  Here is the mouth-watering synopsis:

Andrew Rawnsley's bestselling and award-winning Servants of the People was acclaimed across all media as the most authoritative and entertaining account of New Labour and its first term in office. As one reviewer put it, 'Rawnsley's ability to unearth revelation at the highest level of government may leave you suspecting that there are bugs in the vases at Number 10.' The End of the Party is packed with more astonishing revelations as Rawnsley takes up the New Labour story from the day of its second election victory in 2001. There are riveting inside accounts of all the key events from 9/11 and the Iraq War to the financial crisis and the parliamentary expenses scandal; and entertaining portraits of the main players as Rawnsley takes us through the triumphs and tribulations of New Labour as well as the astonishing feuds and reconciliations between Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and confidential conversations with those at the heart of power, Andrew Rawnsley provides the definitive account of the rise and fall of New Labour.

The book should provide an entertaining read in the lead up the election and will provide a welcome distraction if you get bored watching the TV leaders’ debates.

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  1. Howard, I certainly won't be reading another book written by Campbell. Took out his first one from the library over Christmas and I think it was a test of stamina and pure bluddy mindedness which propelled me to the end. Tedious is too kind a word, but then I'm a kind person. :)