29 January 2010

A Cabinet minister says Brown “is rubbish on telly and that is the truth”

Oh dear.  On the day the Tony Blair shows us all how to do it (again), Jim Murphy, Secretary of State for Scotland, has said this about Gordon Brown:

Sometimes he is rubbish on telly and that is the truth and I have said it before and in a world where the premium is on a seven-second clip or a soundbite, Gordon and his intellect do not fit into seven seconds.

Then, in hope without much confidence:

I just hope when it comes to the election, people want substance sometimes not with the greatest PR in the world, rather than some airbrushed guy from posters.

I am not saying David Cameron is a stupid man, far from it, but in a contest of intellect, in a contest of substance and of PR then Gordon wins two out of three. The nearer we get to the election, it can’t just be about the packaging; it has to be about the content.

The problem is that an election is not an intellectual exercise.

Blair, of course, understood this and still does.

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