03 April 2010

Time for a new mobile phone

Gordon Brown will not be a happy Easter bunny.  Following Mandelson’s rather odd performance on Thursday, he gives an interview to The Times where he says some strange things.

Gordon is not a classic modern TV politician; he cares more about ideas than images.

It gets worse.  On the leadership:

Did he think the Prime Minister would serve a full term if Labour wins? “You’d have to ask him that. I have given it no thought at all”

“It is really not my position to tell people when they should or should not cease to be Prime Minister.”

Pull the other one.  Remember June 2009, Peter?

Then we get to the unions:

The unions are threatening strikes that could overshadow the election campaign. Lord Mandelson isn’t worried. “There seem to be quite a few planes taking off as far as I can see,” he said. “People don’t associate the trade unions so much with the Labour Party for very good reasons — they don’t run us or influence us in the way that they used to in previous decades.”

Gulp.  Then this jaw-dropping remark:

So has Unite wasted the millions it has given Labour? “They don’t call the shots and they know that,” he said. “Unite isn’t some model army that is able to mobilise tanks and move into enemy territory. There is one-member, one-vote in selections; they can’t impose a candidate on local parties.”

But they have and so do you, Peter.  Stoke, for example.

Then we get that truly awful poster, which is a gift to Team Cameron..

And the icing on the cake is not one poll, but two.

The last few days has hardily been a text book start to the election campaign.

Time to stop eating the chocolate.

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1 comment:

  1. Time to bench Peter, I think. The attack dog is snapping at anything that moves, including his handler.

    Latest target: the only major bank that didnt need government money to survive.


    Going after tha banks may sound like good politics given the public mood, but does he really want a backlash like the one from industry? Sounds like a great way to undo Brown's 'I saved the banks' reputation.