02 April 2010

Back on the rails

It wasn't the ideal way to get the rail strike called off, but with comrade Crow involved Network Rail had little choice than to engage the services of a few expensive lawyers.

We now move to “round two”.  Crow immediately said that he will hold a further ballot of his workers and the timetable for holding this would be announced next Wednesday.

Relax, Gordon.  It will take Crow and his lacklustre administration within the RMT sometime to update its records and hold another ballot.  It is doubtful this will be achieved before 6 May.

So, the coast is clear.  Gordon Brown will be off to the Palace on Tuesday to see the Queen.

Our Dear Leader's next big decision will be whether to fly off to see Obama on 12 April.  He should think very carefully about this.  After yesterday, just what will George Osborne be cooking up while he is away?

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1 comment:

  1. Labours poll ratings would go up with him out of the country. I thought that was the plan all along.