04 April 2010

Lord Mandelson, a further word in your ear

Dear Peter,

Apologises for having to disturb, again.

It’s reported that you are to give an interview to Adam Boulton later.  Why is this?  Over exposure after a bad few days is not a wise move.  Anyway, Cameron is appearing on the same programme.  The voters will form the obvious conclusion that you are attempting to shield Brown from the media.

Secondly, why are Labour not holding daily news conferences?  What do you have to gain by this?  As a Lord, you are not expected to be on the hustings.  An early morning briefing to the hacks is what is expected.  You should think again about this decision.

When you appear with Adam Boulton, do please avoid personalities for once, especially the Grayling gaffe, which is nothing to do with you.  There are are plenty of policy issues that you can attack the Tories on.  Andrew Grice provided a helpful little list:

The Tories now have a long and growing shopping list of commitments on both tax – blocking the NICs rise, rewarding marriage, freezing council tax, cutting inheritance tax – and spending: protecting health and overseas aid and guaranteeing £4bn a year of payments to pensioners. It is a programme that no longer adds up.

Finally, have a break on Easter Monday.  And remember, Tuesday is Gordon Brown’s big day.  Leave the early morning interview slots to others for a change.

Best wishes

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