05 April 2010

Dave, stop the cheap jokes

David Cameron was having fun during his interview with Adam Boulton:

Its a rather strange poster.  If Labour can't afford to put it up maybe we'll help them and put them up.

Cameron should remember that in 33 days he could become our Prime Minister.  It is about time be started behaving like one and stopped telling cheap jokes.

At least he was wearing a shirt and tie, which is point 11 of Franks Luntz’s election winning handbook.

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  1. See, Howard, that is why I read your blog.

    Today I learned that not having a sense of humour is a requirement for high office in the UK.

    Is this a new thing? Harlod Wilson seemed to get by ok:

    "If they are fighting the cost of living in Harrow, obviously eggs must be cheap enough to throw about. " after being hit by an egg.

  2. You raise a good point, but Wilson's remark was witty unlike Cameron's.

    Second, Wilson won four elections. Cameron has yet to prove himself.

    Anyway, unless Labour pick themselves up, the Tories will win.