07 May 2010

Twitter wins over blogging

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  1. Mandy accepts Brown might not be PM on BBC?

  2. Cameron will form a government, but there will have to be electoral reform.

  3. >>Cameron will form a government, but there will have to be electoral reform.


    If Brown did go into coalition it would not end well. At some point there would be a disagreement on policy and LibDems would walk, leading to Labour going down ever further than they did this time.

    What form of electoral reform? Clegg is not in a strong enough position to dictate the specifics, but he needs something to keep his party on board. There is plenty of room for fudging the issue between Cameron and Clegg.

    Watch out for some sort of agreement between the SNP/PC and Tories too. Not coalition, but agreement to abstain in English votes in exchange for exemption from cuts. Maybe more powers for the devolved parliaments too.

    Labour need to keep it together because another election in the not too distance future looks more likely than it did last night.

    I cant see EB making it this time. AJ would do a better job, but DM has the momentum.

    Mandys influence will be reduced because he isnt in the commons or have an official government role, and he didnt have a good campaign. Who will take over the king maker role?

    If AJ rules himself out he could become king maker. Maybe the same could be said for Jack Straw or HH.

    Fun fun fun!