08 May 2010

David Cameron's plan of action for the weekend

As discussed in the previous post, David Cameron is in rather a powerful position.  Ironically, he being ably assisted by the rumours that are circulating about Gordon Brown's little chat with Nick Clegg, which confirm that Labour is no position to cut a deal with the Lib Dems under its present leader.  However, he does need to move matters along before the markets open on Monday morning.

All Cameron needs to do agree with Clegg what will be in the Queen's Speech and then they both issue a statement.  Cameron can then say he can command a majority in the Commons and the details between the parties will be agreed in due course.  This will derail anything Brown is cooking up and he have no choice but to resign.

This document should be agreed and issued before Monday morning, after which Cameron deals with the noises off within his own party, makes no further public comment, sits back and waits for the wheels to turn.

If he can pull off this simple cunning plan, pictures of Dave and Samantha waving from the steps of No10 should be on the front pages of Tuesday's papers.